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The Story Behind Jana Simone Fashion

This week I had the chance to chat with Jana O'Hagan. Jana is the 23 year old owner and designer of Jana Simone Fashion. I was really excited to learn about the creation of her brand- especially because I went to school with her! Jana is a few years older than me and I remembering adoring her funky style. I was never able to pull off such daring outfit choices myself though. What first struck me about her beautiful collections was the vibrancy of her luxurious clothing. Only a really positive and creative person could conjure up and create such fabulous pieces. When I was on the Zoom call with Jana, I realised that's exactly who she is.

Hand-embellished BabyDoll sweatshirt by Jana Simone. /

Jana began her brand in 2019 whilst studying for her Fashion and Textiles Degree at the Ulster University Art College. However, her love for fashion was born years before, cultivated in the St Joseph's Donaghmore art room. Though Jana loved art, it was fashion design that stole her heart. She recalled making a dress inspired by the Catholic Church for her A-level embroidery piece. Her passion only grew from there. She was so excited to have been accepted into her dream course for uni (despite how daunting the interviews were)! Jana created her first collection Psychedelics in 2019. She began her high end fashion brand from scratch. She worked long hours along to create the beautiful pieces that now dawn her Instagram. Jana has her own little nook in her room where she works. She creates from her desk with her sewing machines for hours at a time. She often listens to music or watches Vampire Diaries to kill time as she works. If only we were all so productive! She is the only person who works for the brand. It is truly her own little passion project come small business.

It's thanks to the pandemic that Jana has decided to focus all her energies on Jana Simone. She now wants to work for herself after studying social media and brand marketing. She initially loved the idea of working in London for a fashion brand. She has taken the plunge to pour her heart into her own hand made designs. I think it's definitely paying off for her!

Jana O'Hagan's A-level art piece- a dress inspired by religion.

Dress from The Psychedelics Collection 2019 by Jana Simone

Most recently, Jana has released the collection Sustainability inspired by her care for the planet. She recommends you all to watch Seaspiracy on Netflix and is seriously considering becoming vegan! During lockdown, like the rest of us, Jana hasn't been able to get out to buy more materials. So she has been recycling her old scrap materials from previous collections. She even used her boyfriend's old jeans to create sustainable garments.

I want to make a difference wherever possible. If that means using my scrap materials to make some funky clothes then I will!

Jana's Sustainability collection is such a unique endeavour. The clothing is almost whimsical on the gorgeous model Taylor Lynch. Jana actually remembers being laughed at for some of her bold outfits when she was in school. But Jana Simone is a sign for every young girl to be themselves. Your uniqueness is your biggest strength. What is most exciting is that Jana is just getting started on her amazing journey into fashion design.

If you're in need of some creative advice you're in just the right place! Jana explains that she is a bit of a perfectionist. She has her own little routine she sticks by when creating a collection. She tries to never be demotivated by people who don't see her vision. But even Jana can doubt herself at times.

You just have to stand by your own vision and create something that speaks to you. It can be difficult to find your niche. Don't focus on what other people are doing. No matter what, just keep going!

Sustainability Collection 2021 by Jana Simone

I have everything set out and ready the night before for a day's work. I'm a bit of a clean freak! I get up and get showered. Sometimes I listen to music to get myself in the zone. Then I work away for hours. I have to hoover and clean up everything straight away after though!

Jana's energy was amazing. She was so humble for such a talented person. I really loved getting to hear the story behind her diverse Jana Simone brand. She inspires me to keep working on my dreams. I'm so grateful that she took the time out of her morning to chat to me!

Be sure to give her a follow on her Instagram- @janasimone_fashion

& Tiktok- @janaohagan

for a little look behind the scenes. And have a browse of some of her gorgeous products.


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