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Self Confidence- How to attain it & a guide to loving you

A beautiful Japanese legend maintains that the face one has in this lifetime is that of the person that they loved the most in their previous life. The thought of it fills me with warmth. It encourages you to think about the fact that you are so loveable. ​The truth is, in today’s world, self-confidence is something we need to be absolutely brimming with. In this blog I’ll be providing you with a few of the many reasons why YOU should love yourself and some steps to take to in becoming a more confident you. Struggling with self-confidence is a battle I am sure we have all had. Whether it's putting yourself down when you look at yourself in pictures or relentlessly comparing yourself to others on social media. I don't believe anyone is immune to it. Due to the pandemic, we've all had so much more time to dwell on our insecurities. But I'm here to tell you that you should be confident! No one else is ever going to be able to support and care for you in the way that you can for yourself. You are the person you spend the most time with. And if that negative voice in your subconscious is constantly bringing you down you are going to be left with little to no self esteem. As you start on your journey of confidence, I advise you is to recognise just how deserving we are of love. Each of us are a tiny part of this universe. Our interesting anatomies, ability to think and create and the unique spirit we each have are a few of the reasons why we should love ourselves. Your body is just a container for the person you are within. You shouldn't base all of your self worth on your appearance. Who would you be if we didn't have mirrors and didn't know what we look like? Despite this, we do have mirrors and we do tend to resent ourselves based on appearance. Teach yourself to love those arms, the arms that have lifted many fluffy animals in their time. Learn to be grateful for working legs that have brought us to so many amazing places. Your body doesn't deserve the criticism you are always putting on it! Stop constantly trying to shrink yourself into society's mould. Stop trying to make your waist, your personality, your impact smaller. The more full of character and self-love that you exude the more loveable you become. The quirks that make you imperfect make you who you are! If needs be, consciously try to start falling in love with you. Talk to yourself kindly as though you would a friend. Don't put yourself down unnecessarily! You would never tell a friend not to go out because they have imperfections. You would never highlight all of their insecurities. So then why are we so negative towards ourselves? Here are some additional tips to get you well on your way to finding a happier version of you.

All too often we find ourselves scrolling through the highlight reel of other people's lives. It's such an unnatural way to live. Instead, focus on your passions, energy and relationships.

Men and women alike are subject to the constant stream of pictures from social media. My advice? Delete the app. Sure, have an account, but don't let it dictate your everyday life. Don't let the fleeting phenomenon of social media steal from you the best years of your life. We never get a break from it. We judge our bodies and our experiences against others and you know what they say, "Comparison is the thief of all joy." Romanticise yourself for once and watch your mindset transform.

Self-acceptance is something that I can't stress enough. No matter how much you may want to change yourself, this truly is all you have got! Make the most of it. Being your own individual self is something no one else can take from you. You are the person who has to fight for you! Don't let anything make you afraid to be exactly who you are. In order to feel confident and fulfilled, perhaps try to present who you are in the way you dress, the way you style your home and how you live each day.

Self-love after a lifetime of self-scrutiny won't be an over night transformation. You have to get to know yourself in order to have self-love. So don't be opposed to going for a coffee solo to take time to think. Read books on confidence, meditate, rewrite your negative beliefs about yourself & think positively. The AM with Amy on YouTube and "Taking Back Your Power" podcast may be a good place to start.

Finally, forgive yourself. You are a product of your life experiences and childhood. Learn to understand your insecurities and where they come from. You can't choose your struggles but they have made you stronger. We are all running an individual race. & have fun with it. You're only this young and beautiful once. Go out and be drunk on confidence! In turn, it will make you a nicer person to be around and help you to become successful.

This is my blueprint for gaining the confidence that we all deserve to have. I know how hard it is to doubt yourself or to feel as though you're not worthy. Nothing could be closer to the truth however. After all, if you believe in the myth, our face DOES belong to the person we used to love the most.


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