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It's time to start romanticising YOU!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The older I've gotten & with a little bit of retrospect, I've began to realise that self-love is something that extends beyond the realms of a Pinterest quote and a pamper day. In face of the struggles life can throw at you, self love is something you can always rely on to anchor you, something to prevent you from floating adrift. I can guarantee you that some people reading this may struggle to find one thing that they love about themselves. It may sound a bit self-absorbed to "romanticise" your life. But it truly has made all the difference to me. I believe romanticising your life means believing that YOU are the main character of your story. No one else. It's thriving in the life you've created for yourself. It's getting to know yourself and being happy in your own little world. You shouldn't let other people dictate how you feel about yourself, or let your happiness lie in their hands. No matter how much you care about them- it's never smart to give someone so much power over your self worth. Friendships and relationships will inevitably come and go (which is normal) - but the one constant in your life is you. Though it's something that does take a lot of practise, I promise you that the benefits are endless. It's all about seeing yourself in the way you would see your best friend or someone that you love. Or keeping in line with the "main character" advice, it's like seeing yourself as an author would see their main character. Appreciating their personality, glamorising their quirks. Maybe that resonates with me because I love to read and write, but you deserve to feel that way about yourself! It can be a nice way of understanding the concept. For me, romanticising yourself is to enjoy your own company or complimenting yourself (even when you don't believe it one bit). To romanticise your life is to set your goals and to strive to achieve them. To adore the journey just as much as the achievement. I can't lie and say I'm always a really positive person. I'm definitely not. And plenty of people can vouch for that! I do, however, really appreciate the small things like having the "best coffee in the world" or absolutely loving my job. It's about believing your life is fab and truly loving your day, even if you don't have it all. Because- really- nobody does.

Expressing things creatively is a great way I enjoy my own company and to get into a good mind frame. Be it decorating, writing or working at my university projects. I also became a lot happier when I took more pride in myself. Expressing who I was through my clothes, my room or even in the things I got up to in my days. I really recommend making an effort for yourself as well. Dressing nicely for yourself, doing your hair or makeup if that's something that makes you happy. For me, a nice pair of earrings can weirdly make me ten times more confident!!

Confidence was something I struggled with a lot on and off over the years. I would totally overthink what people thought of me. I would worry that people were so much better than me- smarter, prettier or funnier. But the harsh reality of it is is that no one thinks of you half as much as you think about yourself. And no one criticises you like you do to yourself. And so what if they do! Their negative opinion of you isn't relevant to your life. Everyone is in a different lane in life- the only person you have to compete with is you.

Practising self-love can benefit all relationships, in dealing with situations and setting boundaries. And it does wonders for your coping mechanisms when things go wrong, Being confident also really draws people to you. And if you believe in manifestation, like I do, things in your life will improve & you will become soo much happier. Well that's what happened to me anyway. These tips have helped me progress so much- in lots of areas in my life.

It won't always be easy. Everyone has their own individual insecurities or things to work through. By getting to know yourself it'll be so much easier to identify what is causing problems for you. Keep working through your insecurities. Don't be afraid to remove yourself from a friendship, relationship or situation if it's doing more harm than good.

Hopefully if you struggled to find a reason to love yourself before reading this, you can come up with plenty after reading this.


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