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Hi, I'm Laoise! I'm so glad that you have stumbled upon this space I've created. The title is self-explanatory, I suppose. This site is me- well- the online version of me. It's almost like a type of memory box that I can rummage through to see where I was in my life during university and the early years of my career as a journalist. I'm currently a student. Because of that, some of my favourite things to do are having long chats and drinks with my friends or finding a new scenic place to walk. Of course, proving that I did so by posting it on my Instagram story. That probably doesn't say much about me. It's hard to think of interesting things about yourself once you're really put on the spot.

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 On the other hand, writing has always been a passion of mine, whether it be writing songs or journaling. I find comfort in knowing my thoughts, to-do lists and my work are all safely contained in a notebook somewhere, instead of floating around in my head.As I said before, I love a good chat. I'm genuinely curious about how people spend their time, what their passions are and what drives them. I also love giving advice and talking to people, even sometimes when the listener might not be fully engaged or even wanting to be there listening! 

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I'm exited to see how my personal blogs and work projects co-exist in this world together. I'd love the thought of my writing touching you, in some way or another. That's probably my ultimate goal for this site.I find writing to be such a lovely way to communicate and, also, to express what you're feeling. I aim to make thought provoking content, whilst also leaving people with the feeling of having had a fulfilling conversation with a friend (over a drink of something nice). I hope to use this as my chance to develop my journalistic skills and to get more in touch with the fascinating people around me and this everchanging world. I don't think creating an online reflection of your life is every going to be easy. To have one person immersed in my writing even for just five minutes, however, would be a reward enough for me.Keep scrolling! Love, Laoise Online x

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